Hacking Robot Vacuum (Roomba) Wheel and Motor Modules for your own Arduino or Raspberry Pi Robot Project. **AND ROBOT WHEEL/MOTOR MODULE GIVEAWAY!**

Much more than just a motor and a wheel, the wheel modules from Roomba robot vacuums come with a resilient gearbox, a drop switch, and even a hall effect encoder for tracking your creation’s position and speed. They’re easy to remove if you’ve got a Roomba to salvage from, or dirt cheap on eBay – even if you have to buy them they are probably the best deal out there for indoor robot wheels. Below is a full how-to video with removal, disassembly, and a lot more details. Below the video is a wiring diagram if that’s all you need. Details in the video to enter the giveaway!

Roomba wheel module connector diagram. The bottom is what’s in the wheel module. The top is how you’d connect it to your hardware. More details in the video.

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