Review and giving away an extra-smart, BN0055 Inertial Measurement and Absolute Orientation Sensor. Spoiler Alert: It’s My New Favorite!

Guess what, everybody? I’M WRITING A ROBOTICS BOOK!

And it’s getting close to completion (expected print release in spring, 2020), which means It’s time to start working on accompanying and complementary tutorials both here and on my new Practical Robotics Youtube channel! One of my early goals is to qualify for a custom Youtube URL, so in addition to the review of the super-awesome BN0055 Absolute Orientation sensor by Bosch I’ve decided to GIVE ONE AWAY TO ONE LUCKY YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBER!  The rules are simple – watch my video, subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment. The rest of the details are on the Youtube link.


Practical Robotics in C++ will cover such topics as:

  • Choosing and setting up a Robot’s computer
  • Basic Electronics and using GPIO like those found on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino
  • Motors and Controlling them
  • Sensors and Communications
  • Robot Operating System
  • Robot Mapping
  • Localization
  • Autonomous Path Planning
  • Autonomous Robot Motion
  • Computer Vision
  • Sensor Fusion
  • A Complete Project Build!

I’m very excited to bring you Practical Robotics in C++   –   a book meant to help C++ programmers learn the basic electronics and software skills needed to build autonomous robots. All the code to build an autonomous robot is provided, but Practical Robotics in C++ is not intended to be a drag-and-drop tutorial. Instead, it is a complete course that leaves the reader the ability to implement the hardware and software in their own robots – custom-built or off-the-shelf. It’s about really learning the principles rather than specifics only useful for the examples. 

Time to get back to writing the book so I can get started adding robotics tutorials here and on Youtube. Good luck!

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