3 Zone, 2 Stage HVAC Controller

A friend was having a hard time finding a commercially existing system that works with his renovations a while back – right about when I was looking for an excuse to step up from PIC microcontrollers and learn C++. This project is a few years old… I’ll be back soon with some operational details and some updates, but it has been installed functioning and stable for a couple years now.

In the meantime, here is an early video I did of the original version – still on the breadboard!


4 thoughts on “3 Zone, 2 Stage HVAC Controller

  1. Alston German says:

    Hello Lloyd, I have seen this on Youtube and I think it is very impressive. I am interested in building a Raspberry PI based controller for my furnace with the ability to integrate logic for a number of accessories like humidifier, UV treatment lights, etc.

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    1. lbrombach says:

      Thanks! And sounds fun. I’ve been meaning to upgrade this software for a while… I want to put in ds18b20 temp sensors around his house and give him control via an app and a single touch display on the main floor. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, I might have to recommend an Arduino over a Raspberry PI – The Pis are a bit fussier about power outages and bumps – It’s been ok for a while now, but early on I had to get him a new SD card(luckily I had an image on my computer) after power hiccups. Now I keep an entire pi zero with a loaded sd card ready to go taped to his furnace. The best thing about the pi though is the ability to remotely connect in and rewrite the software from wherever I happen to be and whenever I happen to feel like it. I don’t think you can do that with an Arduino. Best of luck – let me know how things go!


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